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DHA files DHA Affidavit and Allocation File

Defence Housing Authority files

DHA  is a big society of Lahore it introduce big project in difference city of Pakistan. it want to going on to build DHA society in Mutlan Peshawar Bhawalpure Gujranwala Islamabad Nowadays a trend of investing in DHA files has been going on in DHA market. A lot of investors are just investing blindly in DHA files and they even don’t know about the differences in Defence Housing Authority files. I personally thinks a person should get all the information related to the work he is going to do so just read this article if you are willing to invest in Defence files.

What is the DHA Files system?

What is Affidavit File and Allocation File ?

What big Different between affidavit and allocation File

Current Rate Of DHA Lahore DHA Multan DHA Peshawar File DHA Gujranwala File DHA Bahawalpur File

Interpretation of DHA files

It is really important to know that what actually a file is? If you are going to invest in files of DHA.

Whenever DHA is going to introduce a new phase or a new project they just announces the area the place where they are going to start that project. Generally that land where the new phase is just going to part of DHA is on cheapest land like agricultural land or ruler land. Defence Housing Authority then announces in market about particular land that we are starting here our new project if someone is willing to invest with us they can invest here with us. Then interested people purchased that particular land and handover it to the DHA. Then these lands can be called affidavit files.

Here just keep one thing in your mind that the original land owners can also transfer their property to Defence Housing Authority.

Types of DHA files 

There are two major types of files of Defence Housing Authority

  1. DHA Affidavit file

  2. DHA Allocation file

DHA Affidavit file

Affidavit files are actually initial phase of DHA’s new project as you have read.When investors purchased the land and handover it to the DHA then it becomes affidavit files and also if the real landowners also handover their property to the Defence Housing Authority then it also becomes affidavit files. it is like this

DHA Files

DHA Allocation file

Now if investors want back their money then they sell out their affidavit files to other interested customers, after selling of these affidavit file it becomes then allocation.

In other words when someone sell out their affidavit file then it automatically converted to allocation one.

Allocation is like the Intimation later of your DHA plot.

Differences in affidavit files and allocation files

After getting aware from affidavit files and allocation files now we will move towards the differences between them.

There are three major differences between affidavit and allocation files


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Property Verification Procedure of DHA Lahore

Property Verification Procedure of DHA Lahore

It is an important to verify any kind of commercial and residential property . It is the first most important step to buy any kind of commercial and residential property.  DHA have own transfer procedure of property and it is the first step of the transfer.

Verification of Property

Documents Required

  1. Copy of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s).
  2. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card.
  3. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card of Authority Holder.
  4. Original paid Voucher of Verification Fee.
  5. Copy of Property Dealer’s Registration Card (if applied through Property Dealer).

Property Verification Procedure

  1. Verification form is available at DHA Office Reception. (English Urdu)
  2. Submit the Verification Form along with the documents mentioned above at DHA Office Reception.
  3. Customer/ Authority Holder will collect Verification Performa from DHA Reception next day.


  1.  if the property was stayed by some other party than DHA will mention that at the time of verification.
  2. if the property is leased by any bank than DHA will also mention that at time of Verification
  3. if the property has been involved in any kind of Government charges than DHA will also mention that at the time of verification
  4. if the property have any remaining dues of DHA than DHA will also mention that all dues against verified property.
  5. You can be  clearly know about the real owner name and other details of the property
  6. You can be clearly know about the real property size

I hope these all property information so much important before buying any kind of commercial and residential property of DHA Lahore and other properties any where in Pakistan and all over the world. this are the some big issue of the property that make you investment secure.

If property have stayed by some other party and you don’t know about it and you paid some of your money against that property to real estate agent just like token money or any other kind of money than it will be 100% wasted money. Similarly the same condition will be apply on Bank lease issue as well as Government charges.

It is my hardly requested to all my visitor must be verify property before making any kind commercial and residential property deal


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DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial Update status

DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial

DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial is One of the most premier phase of DHA Lahore Pakistan. There are lots of reasons because of which this phase is the most prominent among all phases of DHA. Today we will try to understand   about these reasons that how they impact on enhancing the Phase 8 Broadway commercial’s value.

Substantial Commercial area of Pakistan

One of the big reason of Dha phase 8 commercial Broadway’s superiority is its giant and valuable. There are also large number of commercial plots are available in Dha phase 8 commercial Broadway which allows you to have so many options while investing in it. Real estate’s experts are saying that it will competing with  all the bigger commercial areas of Lahore like MM ALAM Road, Gulberg , Y  block etc  in near future.

Nearest to the Allama Iqbal international airport

It is the most nearest commercial area to the Allama Iqbal international airport such you can get to the airport from Dha phase 8 Broadway commercial  in just 5 minutes’ drive which is one of  the main aspect  of raising its value and popularity.

32 Marla plot for sale in DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial Read Full Detail

DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial  Centrally located area

Dha phase 8 Broadway commercial is located centrally in populated area such as all the area its around is populated like Askari 10, Divine, Eden city, Paragon city, Park view Phase 8, Air Avenue Phase 8, DHA Lahore Phase 1 & 2, DHA Lahore Phase 6 & 7 so here we get that it will be the best area to invest in it and use it for commercially. As you know commercial area wants people to come and do transections to make it successful so if we examine it then I think Dha phase 8 Broadway is the best option ever.DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial

Located on the edge of ring road

It is the only commercial of Lahore which is available for the famous and giant Ring Road of Lahore. As you know DHA phase 8 Broadway commercial is located in front of Allama Iqbal international airport so the only thing which is coming among them is Ring Road. It is an another source of getting business such as all the public who will traveling on Ring road probably do transactions  in DHA phase 8 Broadway commercial because it is the only commercial which they will  face on their way .

DHA Phase 8 Broadway commercial  Safest investment

It is the safest investment among all the commercials available at present time because you have read the overview and all the aspects which makes it prominent among all the commercials of Lahore and also it has all the qualities which should be in a good commercial area.

Different big brands and big commercial banks have already opened their branches on the  DHA phase 8 Broadway commercial because they know the real value of Dha phase 8 Broadway commercial that’s why they have already started their bossiness there.


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