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Changing of Name of DHA Lahore Property

Change of Name of DHA Lahore Property

Change of Name

Documents Required

  1. Application to Director Transfer & Record for the change of name.
  2. Copy of old and new Computerized National Identity Card.
  3. Declaratory Decree (if complete name changed).
  4. Affidavit for the change of name.
  5. Copy of Husband / Father Computerized National Identity Card.
  6. Copy of Nikkahnama  / Divorce Certificate.
  7. Advertisement in 2 x National Newspapers (English & Urdu).
  8. Copy of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s).
  9. In case of Armed Forces Personnel, verification from CORO GHQ.

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  1. Customer submits the required documents to the Customer Services Officer at Customer Care Center, DHA office.
  2. If the documents are complete, the Customer Services Officer will give receipt to the customer.
  3. Documents will be sent to the Transfer branch for processing.
  4. Original Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s) will be brought at the given date for Correction of name.

Change of Name of DHA Lahore Property

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