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DHA files DHA Affidavit and Allocation File

Defence Housing Authority files

DHA  is a big society of Lahore it introduce big project in difference city of Pakistan. it want to going on to build DHA society in Mutlan Peshawar Bhawalpure Gujranwala Islamabad Nowadays a trend of investing in DHA files has been going on in DHA market. A lot of investors are just investing blindly in DHA files and they even don’t know about the differences in Defence Housing Authority files. I personally thinks a person should get all the information related to the work he is going to do so just read this article if you are willing to invest in Defence files.

What is the DHA Files system?

What is Affidavit File and Allocation File ?

What big Different between affidavit and allocation File

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Interpretation of DHA files

It is really important to know that what actually a file is? If you are going to invest in files of DHA.

Whenever DHA is going to introduce a new phase or a new project they just announces the area the place where they are going to start that project. Generally that land where the new phase is just going to part of DHA is on cheapest land like agricultural land or ruler land. Defence Housing Authority then announces in market about particular land that we are starting here our new project if someone is willing to invest with us they can invest here with us. Then interested people purchased that particular land and handover it to the DHA. Then these lands can be called affidavit files.

Here just keep one thing in your mind that the original land owners can also transfer their property to Defence Housing Authority.

Types of DHA files 

There are two major types of files of Defence Housing Authority

  1. DHA Affidavit file

  2. DHA Allocation file

DHA Affidavit file

Affidavit files are actually initial phase of DHA’s new project as you have read.When investors purchased the land and handover it to the DHA then it becomes affidavit files and also if the real landowners also handover their property to the Defence Housing Authority then it also becomes affidavit files. it is like this

DHA Files

DHA Allocation file

Now if investors want back their money then they sell out their affidavit files to other interested customers, after selling of these affidavit file it becomes then allocation.

In other words when someone sell out their affidavit file then it automatically converted to allocation one.

Allocation is like the Intimation later of your DHA plot.

Differences in affidavit files and allocation files

After getting aware from affidavit files and allocation files now we will move towards the differences between them.

There are three major differences between affidavit and allocation files


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