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Duplicate Allocation /Intimation /Allotment/Transfer Letter(s)

Latest UpDate DHA Lahore Duplicate Allocation /Intimation /Allotment/Transfer Letter(s)

To Get Duplicate Allocation/ Intimation/Allotment/Transfer Letter You Pay  16,000/- Charges that is the Fee of Duplicate Allotment Letter, Allocation letter, Intimation letter and transfer letter of DHA Lahore Property.

Documents Required

  1. Affidavit duly attested by Oath Commissioner. (English / Urdu)
  2. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (Duly attested).
  3. First Information Report Regarding Loss of Allotment / Transfer letter.
  4. Advertisement in two news papers (English & Urdu). The advertisement should be in two columns. (Download Specimen)
  5. Forwarding Letter requesting for issuance of Duplicate Letter.
  6. Paid Voucher of Rs. 16,000/-.
  7. 2 x Passport size photographs (blue background) (duly attested).
  8. Registration Form is available for Rs.350/- at DHA Reception.
  9. Photocopies of Pension Book, Discharge Certificate and Form ‘B’ in case of Retired Junior Commissioned Officers/Non Commissioned Officers and Next Of Kins of Shaheed / Deceased (duly attested by District Arms Services Board).


  1. Customer submits the required documents to the Customer Services Officer at Customer Care Center, DHA office.
  2. If the documents are complete in all respect, the Customer Services Officer will give a receipt to the customer.
  3. Customer will receive the Duplicate Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s) at the given date.

You received  Duplicate Allotment Letter, Allocation letter, Intimation letter and transfer letter of DHA Lahore Property at the transfer Branch of DHA Lahore Transfer office.

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