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Foreign Transfer of DHA Lahore

Foreign Transfer of DHA Lahore

Foreign Transfer is complicated Transfer of Property. On the Behalf of DHA Lahore there are two case For Foreign Transfer of DHA Lahore

in one Case of Foreign Transfer Transfer in which Seller are Abroad and other case is Purchaser are Abroad In my Previous article i have explain the Foreign Transfer in which Seller are abroad if you are seller and want to transfer the property read the full article of Foreign Transfer in which seller are abroad

Foreign Transfer of DHA Lahore Property

Foreign Transfer (Purchaser Abroad) of DHA Lahore Property

If the Purchaser is abroad and can not appear in DHA Lahore Office at the time transfer.

Documents Required

  1. Copy of Purchaser’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  2. Attested copy of Passport and Visa with Exit and Entry Stamps.
  3. 2 x Attested Passport size Photographs.
  4. Undertaking on Rs.50/- Stamp paper by Purchaser’s representative. (English
    / Urdu)
  5. All documents required in Regular Transfer


  1. Apply for No Demand Certificate.
  2. Customer will bring the Transfer Set to the Customer Services Officer for
    transfer appointment.
  3. Customer Services Officer will give the transfer appointment.
  4. Both Seller and Purchaser will visit Transfer Branch for transfer.
  5. Customer will submit Transfer Documents along with all paid Government
    charges and Membership fee of DHA within 30 days of Transfer at Customer
    Care Centre.
  6. Customer Services Officer will endorse/receive the documents and issue
  7. Customer will bring the receipt and original Computerized National Identity
    Card on the given date, to collect the Allocation / Intimation / Transfer
    Letter(s) from Transfer Branch, DHA Office.

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