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Foreign Transfer (Seller Abroad) of DHA Lahore Properties

Foreign Transfer (Seller Abroad) of DHA Lahore Property

If the Seller is abroad and can not appear for transfer.

Foreign Transfer (Seller Abroad) of DHA Lahore Property

Documents Required

  1. Complete Transfer Document Set along with No Demand Certificate Request Form and Site Plan (if required). (English / Urdu)
  2. Documents will be signed by the owner and attested by the Embassy /Consulate.
  3. Attested copy of owners Computerized National Identity Card from concerned Embassy / Consulate.
  4. Attested copy of Passport and Visa with Exit and Entry Stamps from concerned Embassy / Consulate.
  5. Authority letter for submission of Transfer Papers on Stamp paper of Rs 50/-. (English / Urdu)
  6. Documents are submitted in DHA office Customer Services Centre.


  1. Authority Holder submits the documents to Customer Services Officer at Customer Care Centre, DHA Office.
  2. Customer Service Officer will issue the receipt of the documents.
  3. Transfer Branch will verify the transfer documents from concerned Embassy / Consulate and Owner.
  4. After receiving the Confirmation Letter from the Embassy / Consulate and individual, Authority Holder will follow procedure mentioned in Regular
    Transfer Section.

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