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Issuance of Allotment Letter of DHA property

Issuance of Allotment Letter

It have no any fee charges and you can get Allotment Letter at the transfer of branch of DHA Lahore office.

Documents Required

  1. Application to DHA Secretary or Director Transfer & Record for the issuance of Allotment Letter.  (English / Urdu)
  2. Original Intimation / Allocation letter(s).
  3. Allotment, Intimation letter(s) and Share Certificate in case of merged societies.
  4. DHA Membership Form.
  5. DHA Membership Fee.
  6. Clearance of outstanding dues (If any).
  7. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card.
  8. 2 x Passport size photographs with (blue background).


  1. Customer submits the required documents to the Customer Services Officer at Customer Care Center, DHA Office.
  2. If the documents are complete, the Customer Service Officer after endorsing will give a receipt to the customer.
  3. Customer will receive the allotment letter at the given date.
  4. Note:
    1. Urgent Transfer / Intimation / Allocation / Allotment letter and Allocation against land affidavit can be obtained after the approval of Director Transfer & Record on affidavit of Rs 50/- Stamp Paper. (English / Urdu)
    2. Urgent Transfer / Intimation / Allocation / Allotment letter fee is Rs 9,000/-.
    3. Urgent allocation letter against land fee is Rs 33,000/-.

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